For The Washington Post

Here’s what happened when Rudolph Giuliani made his first appearance in federal court in nearly three decades
Nov. 18, 2020

Federal judge allows Texas’s Harris County to count ballots cast via drive-through voting
Nov. 3, 2020

For Foreign Lobby Report

Libyan strongman Haftar gets a legal team to fight human rights charges
Aug. 4, 2020

Meet the US war critic who just registered as an agent of Iranian media
July 29, 2020

For Al-Monitor

Justice Department ordered Turkish TV station to register as foreign agent
March 19, 2020

Turkey's public broadcaster registers as foreign agent
March 17, 2020

Mercury hires British lobbyists as Israeli spyware firm faces global backlash
March 13, 2020

Qatar brings on Republican lawmakers for new GOP push
Feb. 25, 2020

How Turkey's anti-Gulen lobbyist risks Washington's ire with Venezuela contract
Feb. 21, 2020

Edelman strikes $6 million deal with Saudis to promote G-20 business summit
Feb. 19, 2020

Trump-linked lobbyist turns from Gulf Arabs to more toxic clients
Feb. 19, 2020

Saudi Arabia turns to Democrat-tied lobbyists for Capitol Hill relationship advice
Feb. 10, 2020

Iranian Kurdish rebels hire law firm to lobby Trump administration
Feb. 5, 2020

Defeated Tunisian presidential candidate paid ex-Israeli intelligence official $250,000
Jan. 23, 2020

‘Pro bono' lobbyists bet on regime change payday
Jan. 22, 2020

Why the UAE is paying for America's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai
Jan. 15, 2020

Libyan rebels lobbied US energy officials, GOP lawmakers amid oil dispute
Jan. 13, 2020

Israeli spyware company accused of hacking activists hires lobby firm
Jan. 11, 2020

Dubai ports giant hires ex-Israeli intelligence official to land US support for Sudan bid
Jan. 7, 2020

Gulf investor asks US court to subpoena Kuwait lobbying records
Jan. 3, 2020

UAE hires its second former Samantha Power aide to defend itself at UN
Dec. 18, 2019

Middle East lobbyists pay op-ed writers to sell their message
Dec. 5, 2019

Gulf donors drawn into controversy over foreign influence at US campuses
Dec. 3, 2019

Saudi and Israeli tourism campaigns offer stark contrast in transparency
Nov. 20, 2019

Trump defender Dershowitz signs on as lobbyist for Israeli billionaire accused of looting Africa
Nov. 5, 2019

How Kim Kardashian became Armenia’s most famous advocate
Oct. 29, 2019

Turkey lobby goes to bat against Armenian genocide bill
Oct. 28, 2019

Al Jazeera spends more than $500,000 defending itself against attacks
Oct. 22, 2019

Trump-connected lobbyist drops Turkish bank after indictment
Oct. 16, 2019